Sunday, August 3, 2014

Surprising Things You Need To Know About Your Green Tea

As most people wanted to go all natural, beauty products such as the body wraps also aim to have natural ingredients infused in it. Believe it or not, even the green tea you drink everyday is one of the main ingredients in this product. Ever wonder why?

What's in your green tea, anyway?

You drink it everyday, yet you do not know what's in it. A lot of studies you may have read and heard of. Green tea is a great advantage in keeping not just your skin, but your entire body healthy. In other words, green tea knows how to take care of our health and keep it. As a matter of fact, green tea also aims to stop the clock from ticking. In short, it blocks the signs of aging to appear.

Tea and Your Health

One of the benefits you can take advantage of green tea is the protective effect against the free radicals. Now, it's getting too complicated. Don't get confused and worried, otherwise, you will increase those wrinkles on your forehead and face. Free radicals are found everywhere. There isn't any place where you couldn't find this. Although it may not be visible in your naked eye, this has a greater impact on your skin and body. These are unpaired electrons looking for its pair. And as they meet their match, they become reactive and could damage your body. This is where the signs of aging, illness, and other health conditions to appear. So, what is needed to fight these free radicals? The antioxidants – Green Tea.

Ever notice whenever you cut an apple? You cut it open and leave it even for a few minutes and you would see it would begin to turn brown. Things such as these happen in our body too. Oxygen interacts with any type of cell. This is where oxidation occurs. The same goes as fruits die and rot, our skin and body would deteriorate during the process. A natural process where death and birth of new cells happens. Antioxidants increase the growth of new cells to keep our bodies healthy.

Benefits for your skin

These days, the sun's rays have become intense that the more you are exposed to it would lead to skin damage and other skin and health conditions. Green tea can greatly protect your skin as it quenches the free radicals. In other words, it acts like your sunscreen protection.

Although we just couldn't stop the time nor can we go back in time, you have to admit that our skin would sag and wrinkle through time. Remember, we can't stay young forever. However, there is a way to reduce all these signs of aging. Green tea can diminish the skin wrinkles and sagging. As more and more women have recognized this ingredient, they decided it to become a part of their regimen. Women have embraced these skinny wraps, allowing their skin to tighten, toned, and firmer. After all, these are what you need to radiate your beauty and become more youthful.

There may be other ways of reducing the signs of aging, green tea is just one of the most known ingredients that could do wonders. Make sure to learn to read labels and check the ingredients before applying it to your skin.


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