Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Age Affects Your Body?

Gray hair, fine lines, and a wrinkled skin – these are just one of the few things that could prove your age. If there are things that could be common to each human, it must be the signs of aging. 

Remember, no one lives forever and young. Well, there could be some techniques and tricks to stop these signs of aging, but you have to keep in mind that our bodies will change as days, weeks, months, and years pass. 

This is the reason more and more people have continuously enjoyed wrapping themselves with the skinny wraps. Clearly your skin would sag and wrinkle as you age, taking advantage of the crazy wrap thing enables your skin to tighten, toned, to be firmer. These are the people who understand their bodies and will find creative ways to stop the clock. Fat could increase, not to mention muscle mass, bone density, and lean tissue decrease together with age. 

Pre-Programmed Aging

  • The Theory on the Cellular Clock

Are you familiar with this? Believe it or not, this theory could somehow prove that the slow production of human cells has anything to do with aging. Think of it as if it is pre-programmed. This simply means, as we age, cells limit in reproducing new and fresh ones leaving your skin and body wrinkled, sagging, and bulging. 

  • Mayday! Immune System is Busted!

In other words, as you grow older, your immune system declines. There are quite a number of these immune system cells that no longer function well. You may have recognized how your folks or old people are at risk of getting diseases outside. 

From Cell Damage to Aging 

Talking about how our bodies are pre-programmed, we clearly understood how our cells are slowly produced. Some parts of the cells have just worn out. Think about how a machine reaches its wear and tear. At some point, you will need to replace them. An old equipment starts to become inefficient. Just as your skin is, some of your cells as you age become damaged and wear out. Moreover, it is slow in producing a new and fresh set of cells. When this happens, the signs of aging begin to appear. 

Stress and Free Radicals are Your Enemies

Ideally, the free radicals are responsible for DNA to damage. There are a lot of forms of pollutants – dust, rain, scorching sun, and a lot more harmful toxins both indoor or outdoor. As DNA is damaged, your cells slowly dies.  And again, the theory on the cellular clock continues. 

The Beauty in the Aging Process

It all boils down to how you cope with aging. Coming of age can be fun and exciting. You do not have to worry, otherwise, frowning may just lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Your body may change, the key is to take advantage of the body wraps and all the other products that if not remove, but reduce the signs of aging. Be very keen with choosing the right products. Natural elements work with your body well. It is safe. 

Don't get affected by those numbers, age gracefully. 


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