Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tips to Maximize the The Body Wrap's Effects

The ultimate body applicator is designed to reduce slackening and sagging of the skin. The active ingredients and botanical formula infused in the wrap can rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin to restore its glow and youthfulness. The body wrap is easily applied. Here is the efficient method of applying the body wrap:

  • Measure or capture an image of the targeted area.
    • It will be easier to evaluate the effect of the wrap if you know how it looked before the application. 
  • Open the wrap package and carefully unfold the it.
  • Gently wrap your targeted area. Rub it well so that the cream will get into smaller pores of the skin
  • Use A Saran wrap or other clothing to tighten the wrap
  • Leave it there for 45 minutes. 
    • For first time users, the wrap should be left on for 45 minutes only. This will test if there will be any adverse skin reactions. But for non-first time users, you can leave it there for more than 45 minutes and even sleep in it. 
  • Unwrap gently and rub the remaining lotion to the skin. 
  • Measure and capture again the area where you have applied the wrap. 

Some Do's and Don'ts when Using the Body Applicator:


  • Use the wrap one at a time. You can use the applicator once in 72 hours until you see your desired results then you can use it once a month for maintenance. 
  • Take a bath before using the wrap. The pores of the skin should be cleaned enough for the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin. If there is any dirt in that particular pat of the skin, exfoliation will not be maximized. 
  • Drink water that is ½ your body weight. It will help in eliminating the toxins in the body. The wrap is working within 72 hours and so water is needed so that you will not experience bloating after application. 
  • As mentioned above, if you are a non-first time user you can wear the wrap for more than 45 minutes. If the wrap does not give you any skin reaction, you can take a bath at night, use the wrap and sleep in it. In the morning, you can remove it and then rub the remaining lotion. 


  • Use the wrap during trainings, exercises, or any activity that will make you sweat. Also, it is not suggested to be used by women who are pregnant, on menstruation, and breastfeeding.
  • Drink alcohol, soda, salty foods, tea, fatty foods, smoking and other unhealthy acts because it will counteract the effects of the wrap. 
  • Use it in the face. The applicator is not designed to heal broken facial tissues. It will require a more delicate ingredients because the collagen of the face is thinner compared to the body. 

The effects of the wrap has been proven by many users. You can also experience such change in your skin. You can restore its glowing and youthful looking without spending a lot for surgery and experiencing unbearable pain. Lastly, while applying the wrap you should not neglect having an overall healthy lifestyle. Choose the food you eat, have an active lifestyle and you'll surely get your desired looking skin. 


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