Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Tips to Conceal Your Cellulite

Don't panic. There's still a few weeks left before summer ends. Nor it is not the end of wearing the skinny wraps to develop a healthy, youthful, and glowing skin and body. 

At some point, as you slip on your favorite swimwear, the last thing that you would want to worry about is your body. Sometimes, it's too frustrating to know that no matter what you do, you couldn't get rid of the flabs in the in the middle and in some areas of your body. Sure, you have been drinking green tea and realized its benefits. Perhaps, you can just hide them, if not get rid of them. 

Cellulite! Please, Leave Thee 

The least you can do is to conceal your greatest enemy – the dreaded cellulite, if not get rid of it. But first, you have to know thy enemy, before you can fight and win the battle. You may have noticed somewhere in your thigh are lumpy skin. Whenever fat is pressed up against a vertical tissue which surrounds the fat cells, cellulite appears. As your cells bulges, the dimple effect happens. Think about how you push a fishnet stocking through your skin. That is what cellulite is. If you think there are no ways to reduce or just hide it, think again. 

Here are 5 great tips you can do to camouflage your body

Tip # 1: A Healthy Diet Plan 

We're almost embracing another season. What has happened to your New Year's resolution? So, you become willing to recommit to another promise that you will be eating and have a healthy diet plan. This plays an important role in minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Consider including fiber in your diet. Fiber rich foods allow waste and toxins to be released from your body. Leaving you a healthy and clean body. Sometimes, there's truth to the saying about what you become because of the food you eat. Eating healthy means, a healthy you too. 

Tip # 2: The Value of Agua

Drinking plenty of water allows your body to shed those excess fat. Not to mention, the cellulite. Do you still remember? This is what we wanted to hide and totally get rid of, right? Other than driving the cellulite away from your body, water enables the collagen in your skin be strengthened. You can picture what will happen next. You will have a tightened and firmer skin. 

Tip # 3: Exercise and Get Moving! [h3]

Keep in mind that cellulite is an unwanted fat. Think about carrying an excess baggage in your body. This is the reason you have to exercise and get moving. Engage in physical activities such as jogging, walking, swimming, and more activities you can think of to burn the cellulite away. 

Tip # 4: Wrap it up! 

The body wraps have natural ingredients infused in it. These are the ingredients that work with your body to allow your skin to tighten, tone, and firm. This is what we are looking for. You didn't want those bulges and lumpy, bumps on your skin. Putting on the body wrap would enable you to camouflage the cellulite away. 

Tip # 5: Wear the Right Gear

Whatever material you are wearing, the presence of cellulite will always be there. Not even tanning can hide those lumps. There are no lotions to conceal them. Instead, go back to the first 4 tips and you will be able to disguise those dimples on your skin. 


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