Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why Do You Need The Body Wrap After Losing Weight?

One of the common misconceptions about the body wrap is that it helps you in losing weight. However, it was revealed that the body wraps have nothing to do with weight loss. The truth is, you must use the body wraps after losing a tremendous amount of weight in short span.

Let us say you have been overweight for a long time. You must have a fat and a big figure that you always wanted to get rid of. When you decided to lose weight through diet and exercise and you eventually lose weight in a fast phase, there is a possibility that will you suffer a sagging and slackening skin. Why is this happening?

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is comprised of cells and tissues. When you get bigger, just like when women become pregnant. Your skin is stretched out. Naturally the skin will just return to its original shape because of its elastic capacity. However, as the skin is stretched extensively, it loses its elasticity and damaged its collagen. Collagen is a protein amino acid and a part of the connective tissues that helps the skin gain its firmness and suppleness. However, as our age gets higher, the collagen production also slows down and the structures are weakened. And, the skin cells and tissues becoming easily damaged.

The Aftermath of Losing Weight

If you have lost weight in a shorter period of time, the skin can't recuperate at the same rate. The skin can't conform yet with your new body shape, hence, you can see a sagging and slackening skin. It makes you look fat and chubby even if your weight has decreased. It is the hanging and excess skin that has a spongy texture.

How can you fix it?

How the body wraps help?

Some people would opt for liposuction just to get rid of the excess and hanging skin. However, Dr. Don VerHulst innovated the ultimate body applicator, a non woven cloth infused with active and natural ingredients that are known good for the skin. It targets the basic unit of the skin, collagen and elastin. It boosts the natural production of collagen and elastin to let the skin get back to its original shape. The body wraps can tighten, tone and firm the skin in as little as 45 minutes. It helps in losing a few inches in your arms, thighs and belly areas. It can also improve your skin texture to restore its glow and healthy look.

Aside from the body wraps, you also need to eat a healthy diet. You shouldn't undergo fad dieting or juicing because poor nutrition can aggravate a sagging and slackening skin. You can gain a better body shape through losing weight in a gradual process. Aside from a healthy diet, you must also maintain a regular exercise. Physical activities keep a good blood circulation. It ensures that every skin cell receives the nutrition it needs from the oxygen-rich blood. It will cleanse your skin to restore its radiant and glowing look.

Lastly, you should stop smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages because these are the main culprits for having an aging skin. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the long term effects of the body wrap.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Common Misconceptions About The Body Wraps

The ultimate body applicator or body wrap is a non woven cloth infused with active and natural ingredients that are known good for the skin and have been used as herbal medicines even in the ancient times. It is known for tightening, toning and firming a sagging and slackening skin that makes a person look old. The wrap is also known to minimize the appearance of cellulite- the unwanted dimples in your skin. Despite the popularity of the wrap, there are several misconceptions that need to be corrected.

What you should know about the body wraps?

Is it for weight loss?

The ultimate body applicator is not for weight loss. Some people would claim that it will help in losing water weight. However, the wrap has nothing to do with your weight loss. The truth is it should be used after losing a tremendous amount of weight. When you lose weight abruptly, you will experience a sagging and slackening skin because your skin has not yet conform to your new shape. These layers of sluggish skin add a few inches in your waist, thighs and arms that will make you look fat. The wrap can only tighten, tone and firm your skin to shrug off a few inches in these areas.

Is it a fat Shrinker?

Another misconception that you need to be aware of is the fact that the body wrap can't shrink fat cells. Eating salty and fatty foods is like encouraging the toxins back in your body that can counteract the results of the wrap. Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, you should also stop smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages because these are the main reasons for skin inflammation that could lead to broken collagen.

Is exercise still necessary?

The wrap is promoted to save you time but not in terms of exercise. With its 45 minute application, you don't have to spend your two or three hours in a spa for the same procedure because you can do it at your home and even with just by yourself. But you still need to maintain a regular exercise to maximize the potential results of the body wrap. Exercise can help in stabilizing blood flow to make sure that each artery on the surface of the skin will receive the nutrients the skin needs.

What about the immediate results?

The wrap can provide immediate results in as little as 45 minutes. However, there are people who have thick and dry layer of skin that hinder the easy absorption of the ingredients. Hence, they may not be able to see an immediate result. However, the wrap can work for 72 hours. To make sure that you will feel the difference, you have to use the wrap once in 72 hours until you achieve your desired results and then once a month for maintenance.

The body wrap can help in tightening, toning and firming your excess and hanging skin to make you look good and feel good about yourself. However, you should not depend everything on the wrap because nothing can beat a healthy and active lifestyle. You should also know how to manage stress and maintain optimism to keep your body and health in good condition.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Simple Tips To Get Relief From Stress

As mentioned in the previous post, there are a lot of negative effects of stress. It will make you look old with that unsightly skin appearance. However, there are many ways to tame stress. There are even institutions that offer stress management courses to help a person copes with it. Though stress is a natural response of the body to a stimulus, there are a few ways to keep stress in a good level.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Why You Need To Get Relief From Stress?

One way to boost the benefits of the body wraps, as featured in this blog, is to get relief from stress. This is because stress poses several risks to your health whether physical, mental or emotional. Stress is a person's response to a stimulus. The body responds by activating the sympathetic nervous system which will result in a fight-flight response. Aside from causing the blond pressure to rise, rapid breathing, digestive system to slow down and immune system to go down, stress effects can be seen physically through the skin.

What stress does to our skin?

If you are stressed, the hormone cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream and wreaks havoc on your body. Cortisol causes a dangerous accumulation of fat in your organs and definitely will harm your skin tissues. Here's how your skin is affected by stress:


It might be common among teenagers but when you are stressed, the sebum-producing cells are upregulated which means that there are more oil that is produced that will clog the hair follicles allowing more acne to form. Sebum is the oily substance that can mix with dead cells. Then, the bacteria will clog hair follicles that will result in a pimple or acne.

Find some lines and wrinkles

When cortisol is secreted in the body, it will increase the level of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar is bad for diabetics. However, even if you don't have diabetes, high blood sugar will promote glycation. It is a process that causes damages to your collagen. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles began to form.

Dry Skin

While it causes glycation, cortisol also decreases the skin's natural production hyaluronic acid. It serves as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Also, the hormone break through the skin's barrier and facilitates dehydration. It will lead to damages that can't be repaired by the skin's enzymes.

Cellulite formation

Seen some dimples in your legs, or thighs? You must have been stressed all day long. Stress causes the decreases in the blood flow which will lead to the building of toxins in the skin. The toxins will cause a lackluster complexion which has an important role in the formation of cellulites.

Poor Complexion

Another effect of the cortisol is epinephrine (or adrenaline) which can work against the person's complexions. Adrenaline works when we are in a dire situation but doesn't really mean good thing for the skin. Adrenaline causes the decrease of blood flow in the skin. The blood carries the oxygen which gives color to the skin. Less oxygen will lead to a dull and sallow complexion.

Stress gives negative impacts to the body. You must learn to get relief from stress through diverting your attention, thinking positively or making yourself busy with other things. You can pamper yourself through massage. Others try to combat the impact of stress through using skin care products and the ultimate body applicator. You can also tame stress by eating healthy foods and going out for exercise. De-stress yourself, get a healthy glowing skin and have a better and happier life.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Body Wraps: A Multitude of Benefits

Body wraps, like those manufactured and distributed by It Works Body Wraps open up a whole new dimension in the beauty market. These products are proven to have a number of powerful and positive effects on the health, welfare and overall appearance of the body. Thanks to its ingredients which are mostly natural and beneficial, it has gained an awesome reputation at detoxifying the skin and enhancing its overall appearance by removing unwanted marks. Body wraps are able to benefit the body in a lot of ways. Here are some of them:

Detoxifying agent. When applied to the body, the nutrients present in the body wraps are absorbed by the pores in the skin. With ingredients like Green tea extract and bladderwrack (a type of algae which is the principal detoxifier), your skin is sure to possess that clean and healthy look. Green tea, as we all know, has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties when consumed. The same is effect is garnered when used externally. Bladderwrack meanwhile, is an algae that speeds up skin growth and elimination of toxic substances. With these two ingredients, you are guaranteed to possess a healthy, supple and amazing skin.

Stretch mark remover. Are you tired of those wrinkly and gross-looking stretch marks on your body, particularly the ones on your waist and thigh? Don’t fret because It Works Body Wraps will be able to help you in removing them. Body wraps that are specifically made to remove this skin complication contain Aloe vera, a plant known to have a multitude of benefits on your body. The herb is known to be a moisturizer that aids in wound healing, reduces skin inflammation and makes it firmer. These body wraps are known to remove these complications, making the skin firmer and minimizes the appearance of scars, wrinkles and especially, stretch marks.

Overall, countless benefits can be availed by using It Works Body Wraps. The effects are always instantaneous and can even last permanently, depending on your lifestyle. Aside from the aesthetic and superficial benefits, it can also internally affect the body in many ways, since it is absorbed by the pores. It will be able to affect the growth and promote the health of skin cells, paving the way for lighter toned, firmer and suppler skin.
As people age, so does the body. Its effects are clearly visible on the skin, which is why the use of body wraps is a must. However, It Works Body Wraps may not do the job effectively unless enforced by a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to avoid vices like alcohol and cigarettes in order to lessen the amount of toxic substances in the body. Consuming them will not only damage your skin and destroy your appearance; it will also damage your internal organs. Also try to eat healthy food and avoid fast food and manufactured goods, since these may have high sodium content, which will do more harm than good. Remember, the keys to healthy skin not only include the use of body wraps, but also a healthy lifestyle.