Monday, October 6, 2014

Power Tools that Put Emotional Eating to an End

What do you do when you get home? 

You got home from work feeling tired and anxious about the unfinished project you have. Before you hit the sack, you grabbed a fresh carrot from the fridge and thought, you wanted more. You can't sleep, so you had a few pieces of cookies and wondered if it would taste good with that ice cream you still have in the freezer. Now, this is out of control. A lot of women can relate. Your relationship with the food you eat is not healthy. There has to be a give and take when you want to maintain relationships. In other words, food works in your body as you eat them. Meanwhile, plants and animals can also benefit from you. 

This is the idea of the ingredients infused in every body wrap. These natural ingredients work in your body, leaving it healthy, not to mention, skin is tightened, firmer, and toned. This is the reason more and more women have realized what each wrap can bring. 

Emotional Eating. What is it? 

Simply think of it this way. When you're sad and frustrated, you eat. Whenever you achieved something extraordinary, you celebrate and eat. When you're angry at someone, again, you eat. This is what emotional eating is all about. You have to put this to an end, otherwise, it will lead to health conditions you wouldn't want to have. 

Here are 5 Power Tools to Put Emotional Eating to an End:

1. Welcome negative emotions. Start listening to your feelings.

At some point, all you want is to satisfy yourself from the negative emotions you're feeling. You indulge in food to comfort yourself. Rather, listen to your feelings and tell yourself that it's okay to feel mad, sad, you name it. Create a new strategy (not eating, this time) for a deeper satisfaction. 

2. Take pleasure, not in flavor. 

In short, reward yourself with something else, other than eating your favorite food. You can indulge in a spa or massage to get rid of the negative feelings and emotions. 

3. Hungry? Eat. 

Always take note of it. Only eat whenever you feel hungry. Listen to your tummy and not your feelings. You have the power to control. Remember your goal is to keep yourself healthy. Learn to keep your body away from unhealthy food. Else you will regret on the results as the days go by. 

4. Know your enemy. 

Emotional eating reacts from the feeling of being deprived. So, when you're feeling down, if you want someone to vent your emotions out, prepare to call a friend. There's a lot of exciting things you can do out there. You and a friend can join a wrap party and have fun. Think of it as having a double whammy – maintain your body physically and emotionally. 

5. You're beautiful inside and out, nobody can't deny.

As you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, realize that you're gorgeous no matter what. You may have that jiggle in the middle, but recalling the wrap party you had with your friends enhanced it. In other words, the skinny wraps has made your skin look youthful and healthier. This is something you can be proud of. 

Feed your body with the love and care it deserves and not the unhealthy food. 


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