Sunday, March 24, 2013

Body Applicator: Wrapping your Slackening Skin

The skin is the main attraction of beauty. Looking good all the time can catch the attention of the people that surround you. However, the beauty of the skin can pass by just like time. Aging as one of the main causes of skin slackening may not be prevented but the impact of it can be delayed.

As time goes by our body organ gets tired of functioning. In the skin, its elastin production decreases and collagen gets weakened because of different circumstances we are facing every day. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is made of collagen bundles which are built by proteins. When collagen is still tight and healthy, the skin will look toned and tight.

Unhealthy food, no regular exercises, unhealthy lifestyle and other level of toxicity greatly affects the processes of the skin. Naturally, the skin has its own way of hydrating and nourishing itself to be rejuvenated and look young. However, when the skin is old, its capacity to do so will be slower, leaving lines, wrinkles, dried and slackening skin. To answer this skin dilemma, Dr. Don Verhuslt, innovated a treatment he called the ultimate body applicator.  

The body wrap is made of natural and active ingredients that are expected to speed the cell regeneration process of the skin. It contains aloe vera, seaweed extract and other ingredients will boost the elastic production of the skin and strengthen its collagen bundles to release unnecessary chemicals in body parts where the applicator was applied. The applicator is hassle free and efficient to use. You just have to wrap it tight in your targeted body part, but do not include your face, and leave it there for 45 minutes. In as quick as that you'll see an immediate difference. 

By wrapping the slackening skin, the ingredients infused in the cloth will be absorbed by your target area. The skin as a membrane that has been damaged will heal broken tissues and reconnect bundles of collagen, this makes the skin looks glowing and hydrated. To evaluate the result of the applicator, measure your targeted area before and after wrapping it. If you can't see any difference in the first try, that only means you've got to make another try because the wrap may have not yet penetrated your skin because the damaged was intensive. Constant use of the applicator will provide your desired results. 

At any possible ways, you would want to hide your ugly slackening skin. Some even tried expensive surgical operations. Aside from being costly, surgical operations or laser treatments, it is evasive and can damage other tissues of the body. Also, not everybody can afford it. Natural ways are suggested to give an effective result more than any means. Thus, aside from any treatment you are taking always consider getting a balanced diet and regular exercises because through this way, the body is detoxified and maintained its alkalinity. But, when you can't take your slackening skin and you want an immediate result, wrap it up with the body wrap. 


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