Monday, October 28, 2013

Why You Need To Get Relief From Stress?

One way to boost the benefits of the body wraps, as featured in this blog, is to get relief from stress. This is because stress poses several risks to your health whether physical, mental or emotional. Stress is a person's response to a stimulus. The body responds by activating the sympathetic nervous system which will result in a fight-flight response. Aside from causing the blond pressure to rise, rapid breathing, digestive system to slow down and immune system to go down, stress effects can be seen physically through the skin.

What stress does to our skin?

If you are stressed, the hormone cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream and wreaks havoc on your body. Cortisol causes a dangerous accumulation of fat in your organs and definitely will harm your skin tissues. Here's how your skin is affected by stress:


It might be common among teenagers but when you are stressed, the sebum-producing cells are upregulated which means that there are more oil that is produced that will clog the hair follicles allowing more acne to form. Sebum is the oily substance that can mix with dead cells. Then, the bacteria will clog hair follicles that will result in a pimple or acne.

Find some lines and wrinkles

When cortisol is secreted in the body, it will increase the level of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar is bad for diabetics. However, even if you don't have diabetes, high blood sugar will promote glycation. It is a process that causes damages to your collagen. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles began to form.

Dry Skin

While it causes glycation, cortisol also decreases the skin's natural production hyaluronic acid. It serves as a natural moisturizer for the skin. Also, the hormone break through the skin's barrier and facilitates dehydration. It will lead to damages that can't be repaired by the skin's enzymes.

Cellulite formation

Seen some dimples in your legs, or thighs? You must have been stressed all day long. Stress causes the decreases in the blood flow which will lead to the building of toxins in the skin. The toxins will cause a lackluster complexion which has an important role in the formation of cellulites.

Poor Complexion

Another effect of the cortisol is epinephrine (or adrenaline) which can work against the person's complexions. Adrenaline works when we are in a dire situation but doesn't really mean good thing for the skin. Adrenaline causes the decrease of blood flow in the skin. The blood carries the oxygen which gives color to the skin. Less oxygen will lead to a dull and sallow complexion.

Stress gives negative impacts to the body. You must learn to get relief from stress through diverting your attention, thinking positively or making yourself busy with other things. You can pamper yourself through massage. Others try to combat the impact of stress through using skin care products and the ultimate body applicator. You can also tame stress by eating healthy foods and going out for exercise. De-stress yourself, get a healthy glowing skin and have a better and happier life.


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