Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food for the Skin

This blog has been talking about maintaining a healthy d beautiful skin. This is a very timely blog because a lot of people are now suffering from premature skin aging. Though it can be genetic, such as the case of Zara Hartshorn who was just 16 years old but got a middle aged woman look, most of men and women suffering from and premature aging is caused by unhealthy diet. The skin is like any organ of the body, you have to feed it with good nutrition to keep its job going. 

Some would say, especially those who can afford plastic surgery, would simply resort to getting their skin done with a plastic surgeon. Yes, they can restore your tight, tone and firm look but it will just be on the outside. The layer below the visible skin will remain unnourished, unhealthy and damaged. The operation will just be for short term. After a month or two, wrinkles, fine lines and visible cellulites will again show up. 

To fight premature skin aging you need to keep a good diet. You have to feed yourself with the food for the skin. It must contain water, trace minerals and anti-oxidants. Water is undeniably necessary because it cleanses the body, purifies the toxic debris, and eliminates rancid oils that stick into the skin. Also these foods must contain silica, zinc and sulfur which are found in plants based foods. Lastly, you should not forget the anti-oxidants. It fights oxidative stress to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin cells. 

Grab this list of food for the skin

  • Berries. Whether it is a blackberry, blueberry or strawberry, it is very rich in antioxidants. In a study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It contains the highest "total antioxidant capacity”. These fruits protect the cells from damages therefore it will maintain a youthful looking skin. 

  • Cucumbers. It is rich in water, silica and vitamin C. Silica helps in maintaining the strong connective tissues. These connective tissues are called collagen that made up the skin. It can help in boosting skin elasticity. The skin that is inelastic can promote wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and other imprints of aging. 

  • Green tea. Instead of coffee or soda, replace your snack time with green tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties and skin protection activity. It can reduce the damages that the skin can get from ultraviolet rays, hence, reducing the risk of getting skin cancer. 

  • Avocadoes. It is a good source of biotins. It can prevent the skin from getting dry. It can even hydrate parched skin. 

  • Salmon. It contains astaxanthin. It improves the skin’s elasticity. It contains omega 3 and omega 6, fatty acids that can moisturize your skin and maintain its glow. 

Retaining beauty of the skin is not that hard. You’ve just need to choose the food you should eat. Foods listed above taste good. So, you need to train yourself to like it. Aside from the food you eat, you also need to have skin care practices and regular exercise. An overall healthy lifestyle makes your skin glow, radiant, tight, tone, firm and youthful looking. 


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